The base case model has 2013 EBITDA of $316 million

七月 10th, 2014

The net effect was that leading into the 2009 World Championships, most restrictions on suit make up were not in force. This situation also led to rule changes being passed by both FINA’s Technical Swimming Committee (on July 23) and the General Congress (July 24)[9] placing restrictions on suits. However, these rule changes were not to go into effect until 2010, and there had been some attempts to delay this implementation (the impression from the General Congress was that the rules would be in effect on January 1, 2010; however, the FINA Executive Director was quoted a few days later as say the date within 2010 was unclear and may mean April or May).[10] Subsequently on July 31, 2009, the FINA Bureau (the Board of the organization), solidified the implementation date as January 1, 2010.[11][12].

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Monokinis swimwear To adjust for the sensitivities inherent in a DCF valuation, I also conducted a EV/EBITDA and P/E multiple valuation. The base case model has 2013 EBITDA of $316 million. Applying a 7x EV/EBITDA multiple yields an enterprise value of $2.2 billion, or a fair value estimate of $58/per share. Monokinis swimwear

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